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Andrew O'Brien k3ukandy at gmail.com
Sun Dec 7 18:22:50 EST 2014

If the Contester uses a Voice Keying wav file to call "CQ Contest", the
high speed CW CQ could be added to it.  I'm not sure how CW Skimmer would
handle decoding CW a midst a lot of Phone QRM.
Andy K3UK

On Sun, Dec 7, 2014 at 4:57 PM, David Robbins <k1ttt at arrl.net> wrote:

> Anyone interested??
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> From: Edward Kritsky [mailto:red at escape.com]
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> Subject: SSB + Skimmer idea
> Dear David,
> Together with my friend, Yuri, UA3ATQ, we came up with an interesting idea
> on how to identify SSB stations in contests using skimmer technology.
> All of the elements are currently present out there and require no or
> minimal modifications
> 1. Radios
> 2. Computers
> 3. Skimmers
> 4. Spotting networks
> What needs to be modified would be logging software to enable additional
> radio station identification.
> How?
> The idea is to identify stations by transmitting CW ID at high rate of
> speed
> (at maximum speed that skimmers can accept), at intervals that would be
> determined by the operator's behaviour (CQing vs. searching).
> CW ID should not be set to tax outside ops' hearing and would be for
> skimmers only (although I would not exclude humans entirely).
> Logging program would send an ID based on what the op is doing.
> There is some trial and error needed to set this in motion - how often
> should ID be sent, how fast, on what sideband (to correspond to the
> operating SSB frequency). The op should have a choice of turning it on and
> off, not to slow him or others down, not to cut into his transmissions etc.
> Operator's action should have precedence over logging program actions. When
> ID has not been sent in its entirety, skimmer should ignore it or wait for
> a
> successful re-identification.
> I'm sure there is a bit of intelligent analysis required on how to make
> this
> work for everyone. CW ID can be very short (fraction of a second), it would
> not slow things down, it (hopefully) would not be viewed as an annoyance
> (unlike an end-transmission beep in the commercial world)
> In my view, it needs to be experimented with before it becomes a
> mainstream,
> in or out of contests
> What we have seen in CW contest with skimmers basically changed how we
> operate, where we operate and how stations are spotted. Perhaps this is an
> easy and inexpensive way of bringing this technology to SSB. I don't think
> FCC should object since maximum allowable CW speed is not an issue -
> transmitting station identifies itself in voice anyway.
> I'm not a member of any forum where this can be turned into a disussion,
> and
> eventually - into someone's action.
> Can you help and post this someplace on our behalf? This would be great
> Thanks and 73
> Ed Kritsky/NT2X
> Brooklyn, NY
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> Best regards,
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