[Skimmertalk] aggregator ini rotation??

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Fri Feb 21 16:29:07 EST 2014

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>> The update hasn't behaved like previous, seamless updates which is a 
>> pity.
> I upgraded to Aggregator 3.0 right before the ARRL DX CW, and didn't have
> to change a thing; the "Contest Rotation" launched automatically, and
> everything seemed to work exactly as before.
> But I always close both Aggregator and SkimSrv by right clicking in the
> task tray before shutdown or restart.

I'm rarely actually in the same country as my pc if it has to restart.

My server has restarted dozens of times over the last few years and 
rotation has always been flawless - that was not the situation the first 
restart after the update.

Part of the recovery has lost the calibration data and there is another 
security issue that I can't resolve without being 40cm behind the monitor.

These things happen, its not the end of the world.

A few electrons mildly inconvenienced :-)

Regards Paul LA/GW8IZR

> 73,
> Bob, N6TV
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