[Skimmertalk] Skimmer Advice (K3 IF issues)

Bob Wilson, N6TV n6tv at arrl.net
Tue Nov 10 02:12:23 EST 2015

(Little of what follows is skimmer-specific; further discussion probably
belongs on some other reflector rather than SkimmerTalk)

On Mon, Nov 9, 2015 at 7:34 PM, Pat Rundall <pat at n0hr.com> wrote:

> 4) With regard to using the Pixel Loop's Key line as protection... I have
> used that, but wondered with SO2R, if I needed to (or even could) connect
> both rigs to it.

Yes, maybe with some diodes to ensure correct current flow.  In my shack I
used the two unused "KEY OUT" signals from two Alpha amplifiers (which
follow the PTT signals from the radio, even when the amps are OFF).  A
simple RCA Y-adapter combines both "KEY OUT" lines into the Pixel Loop's
control box PTT IN.  I didn't use any combiner diodes.  Keying either radio
(by any means) disables power to the Pixel loop.

Note:  even with these precautions, I find CW Skimmer "self spotting" me in
contests, with some busted variant of my call like N6TVE or EN6TV or
combinations that I can't anticipate, so I always shutdown my skimmer when
I operates contests here).

> 5) To get the waterfall (ie HDSDR), Skimmer, rig and N1MM+ to all follow
> nicely, I wonder if it would work with a virtual serial port splitter tool
> like LPB2.

Maybe not.  Remember that the OmniRig control of the radio is two-way; the
HDSDR cursor follows the transceiver *and* the transceiver follows the
HDSDR screen (if you click on it).  If both the logging software and HDSDR
try to poll or send commands to the K3 at the same time, there could be
collisions and jumbled commands.  Maybe LPB2 handles all that; I really
know nothing about it.  I only know that OmniRig handles multiple command
requests seamlessly and flawlessly.

But again, for a scope on a K3, the P3 (and P3SVGA if you can spare a VGA
monitor) is really the best way to go.

Bob, N6TV

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