[Skimmertalk] QS1R replacement

DF4UE mail mail at df4ue.de
Tue Nov 17 07:33:14 EST 2015

Hi Phil,


I am also interested to purchase the QS1R successor.


Reducing the power consumption will improve the thermal management during
contests, which is now quite on the limit (even with ventilation holes, heat
sinks and a fan).


I feel actually comfortable with only 6 receivers at 192 kHz. The cpu load
(4790K) during contests running Skimserv and especially Rttyskimserv at the
same time is already now very high. 

If the number of receivers would be increased, I couldn`t use them during
contest weekends due to PC limitations.


On "normal" days without contest activity, the cpu load is only abt. 20%
compared to the contest load. In such a situation one could easily use more


Also your intention to implement a clock generator with the possibility to
use an external standard 10Mhz reference is a great idea. 

Generating a good 125 MHz signal for the ext. clock input of the "old" QS1R
is not trivial. 


The new Preamp/ADC driver needs a setting. How will this be done, when the
skimmers are running? A new command in the skimmer.ini?


I wish you good success.



73   John    DF4UE

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