[Skimmertalk] updated QRZ page with CW-skimmer info

on5kq on5kq at on5kq.be
Fri Nov 20 16:03:21 EST 2015


Please see my updated QRZ.com page with some info about the current
CW-Skimmer setup for the winter time.

I also posted some pictures.


Please also note, that I have some problems with a local noise source about
800m away, which needs to be resolved before I can really expect good S/N
values. As this noise source is in the main direction of the 135deg Beverage
it destroys the performance of that antenna on 160m unfortunately.

I hope, that this issue can be resolved soon.


Best Regards from western Belgium,


Ulli, ON5KQ



P.S.: in 2016 I plan to re-activate my old contest site at the Belgian Coast
for setting up a 2nd CW-skimmer. I need to make a lot of Field-Strength
measurements beforehand, to evaluate the best set-up. The purpose is to have
good reception for DX signals from all directions on the high-bands as well.
with saltwater around, it should be possible.

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