[Skimmertalk] CWS and PowerSDR again..

Andrew O'Brien k3ukandy at gmail.com
Fri Jan 1 15:45:48 EST 2016

I often have months where CW Skimmer, PowerSDR and my Flex 3K work together
perfectly. Then inexplicably the display in CW Skimmer is WAY OFF the
actual frequency and no amount of logical adjustments solve the problem.
Then, perhaps a few days after I have given up following hours of trying to
fix, all is magically working again. Today, while PowerSDR is tuned to 7050
CW , Cw Skimmer is displaying the tell-tale images of JT65A that reside at
So, since many posts about correct configuration are old links, I wanted to
double check my assumptions about correctly align CW Skimmer with PowerSDR.
Comments appreciated .
In PowerSDR ... (General tab) IF Hz = 9000 . (Audio Tab) OUTPUT TO VAC
Checked .
In CW Skimmer SOFTROCK-IF selected . CW Pitch 600, Audio IF Hz = 9000

Anything obvious missing ?

Sometimes when off by many Khz, I can get close by changing the audio IF in
CW Skimmer. I trim it up or down by a few hundred Hz, but just as I think I
am getting close, it zooms to a WAY off range again. If I leave it for a
few days, it seems to fix self.  Clicking on a stream within CW Skimmer
causes skimmer to move up or down, so you never land on a desired stream.

Others report this issue too.

Andy K3UK

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