[Skimmertalk] CWS and PowerSDR again.. SOLVED

Andrew O'Brien k3ukandy at gmail.com
Sun Jan 3 20:04:49 EST 2016

Duh!  Its seems all is OK when you make sure CW Skimmer audio tab  is set
to LEFT-Right I/Q and not Q/I. .  FYI, the working settings are
Radio= Soft rock-IF. CW Pitch = 600. IF Hz = 9600 . Sample Rate 4800 .
PowerSDR setting : Sample Rate =4800 . VAC Direct box checked, Calibrate IQ
box checked. IF Hz =9000 (in expert area
Andy K3UK

On Fri, Jan 1, 2016 at 3:45 PM, Andrew O'Brien <k3ukandy at gmail.com> wrote:

> I often have months where CW Skimmer, PowerSDR and my Flex 3K work
> together perfectly. Then inexplicably the display in CW Skimmer is WAY OFF
> the actual frequency and no amount of logical adjustments solve the
> problem. Then, perhaps a few days after I have given up following hours of
> trying to fix, all is magically working again. Today, while PowerSDR is
> tuned to 7050 CW , Cw Skimmer is displaying the tell-tale images of JT65A
> that reside at 7076!
> So, since many posts about correct configuration are old links, I wanted
> to double check my assumptions about correctly align CW Skimmer with
> PowerSDR. Comments appreciated .
> In PowerSDR ... (General tab) IF Hz = 9000 . (Audio Tab) OUTPUT TO VAC
> Checked .
> In CW Skimmer SOFTROCK-IF selected . CW Pitch 600, Audio IF Hz = 9000
> Anything obvious missing ?
> Sometimes when off by many Khz, I can get close by changing the audio IF
> in CW Skimmer. I trim it up or down by a few hundred Hz, but just as I
> think I am getting close, it zooms to a WAY off range again. If I leave it
> for a few days, it seems to fix self.  Clicking on a stream within CW
> Skimmer causes skimmer to move up or down, so you never land on a desired
> stream.
> Others report this issue too.
> Andy K3UK

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