[Skimmertalk] rbn down?

kazeringue at aol.com kazeringue at aol.com
Sat Nov 26 15:02:11 EST 2016

Maybe it is an abundance of riches.  RBN is showing 175 skimmers active. 
  So maybe the doubled load is the issue.  Lots of spots.

Locally I'm experiencing the aggregator [v4.12] hanging up.  Looks like 
it is waiting on responses from RBN.  Checking the "Don't send spots to 
RBN" box frees the aggregator, but o'course no spots get to RBN.

That's OK since its still sort of in test mode here, and not counting on 
them during the contest.

This is something I have noticed before with aggregator when the local 
router for the skimmer goes down, ethernet cable is unplugged[when 
skimmer/aggregator on different ip/boxes],  or the entire outside 
internet connection is lost.  Anyone else?

Possible future aggregator feature:
A connect option to run aggregator with no connection to RBN.  Or maybe 
disconnect/connect completely from RBN when "Don't send spots to RBN" 
box is checked/unchecked.  My aggregator is not sending[box checked], 
but still appears in list of spotters on RBN.

73 de w4kaz

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