[Skimmertalk] new aggregator

W3OA w3oa at roadrunner.com
Wed Jan 25 15:41:53 EST 2017

Hi Dave -

Please tell us something about your configuration.  Is RTTY SkimServ 
Agg's Primary Skimmer or a Secondary one?  If Secondary, is it on Port 
8?  Or maybe you are using the Tee and running both CW and RTTY 
SkimServs.  If so, do you have a check in the check box on Agg's RTTY 
SkimServ tab?

73 - Dick, W3OA

On 1/25/2017 11:18 AM, Pete Smith N4ZR wrote:
> Working on all of this, Dave.  Expect an announcement on the new Agg 
> (and a new 3-character prefix pattern file later today.  Alex says 
> that ini rotation "should" work with Hermes, but Dick's looking into this.
> 73, Pete N4ZR
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> On 1/24/2017 5:33 PM, David Robbins wrote:
>> I see there is a new version of the aggregator, any hints on what has 
>> changed?
>> With rtty skimmer server I can not use the ini file rotation stuff 
>> because it seems to hang the hermes or red pitaya so the skimmer 
>> loses data.  Can we get an option to do like the cw skimmer and have 
>> the aggregator stop the server, change the file, then restart it?  or 
>> can I fool it to do that now by telling it that it’s a cw skimmer, or 
>> will that break something else??
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