[Skimmertalk] New MFJ omni-directional horizontally polarized antenna

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Good idea about skimmer use.  I am already doing exactly this for my second CW Skimmer, K3PA-2-#.  I have a pretty close homebrew clone to the MFJ item (basically a multiband squalo) for 6/10/12/15 M.  Very easy and cheap to build.

My thought was that my buffered (unity gain) 20 ft. vertical would be better on 160-40 and a horizontal omni would be better on 6-10-12, especially with a preamp (I use a PGA103 based board) to complement the characteristics of my QS1R.  I wasn't sure about 20 and 15.

Early results are that the vertical is much better on 160-20, similar on 15M, and the horizontal omni is better on 12-10-6.  I am now running both skimmers with 15M covered by both.


Drew K3PA
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  1. New MFJ omni-directional horizontally polarized antenna
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At Dayton, MFJ displayed a new 20 through 10m horizontally polarized HF
antenna.  This could be ideal for skimming the high bands, and also for
Faros <http://dxatlas.com/faros/>, if you can get it high enough.  They
claim a TV mast is sufficient.


Bob, N6TV


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