[Skimmertalk] WTB: QS1R

Wes Cosand wes.cosand at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 21:18:33 EDT 2018


I've had a couple of QS1Rs fail on me and have replaced them with the Red
Pitaya.  Yes, the references Bob mentioned are also "way past me" as well
but by religiously following the information in some of Bob's emails to
this reflector I got along just fine running Skimmer Server,  RTTY Server,
and HDSDR.  When I had a problem the Skimmertalk community has pulled me
through.  I've now got four of them running along my last remaining QS1R
which has the Bodnar  GPS on it.

I would be interested in someone's comments about how I can hook up the
Bodnar to the Red Pitaya.

Wes WZ7I

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