[Skimmertalk] auto connect with rtty skimmer

NOEL POULIN ve2fww at globetrotter.net
Sun Sep 30 09:11:56 EDT 2018

Hello Everyone.
I am using RttySkimmer with MIXW.
Mixw is connecting to the skimmer with no problem.
To connect MIXW to the skimmer, I just send send a script.
The script is like this...but no completed...as I have to enter my call 
sign eache time I CONNECT TO THE SKIMMER.
timeout 15
command "echo on"
command "autolf on"
command "connect"
waitfor "call"
This script in not  completed...may be also wrong....
I can connect easily with script but the skimmer is asking for a callsign..
I have to enter a callsign every time I connect.
My question is ....Is there a way to connect to the skimmer without 
typing a callsign every time..
In other words....how to AUTOCONNECT with the skimmer....
Help would be appreciated as I am not very familiar with scripts.....

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