[Skimmertalk] New STEMlab 122.88-16 SDR Scheduled Availability: Late April

Bob Wilson, N6TV n6tv at arrl.net
Tue Feb 5 17:18:00 EST 2019

My new contact at the Red Pitaya company finally returned my emails and
answered some of my questions about the new STEMlab 122.88-16 SDR
<https://www.redpitaya.com/n86/new-stemlab-sdr>.  He apologized for not
responding sooner (he had some personal business which took him away from
the office emails).

   1. When will we be able to pre-order?
   *End of March - beginning of April *
   2. When will you be able to ship?
   *end of April *
   3. What is the price?
   *pre-order will be 499 EUR/pcs*
   4. Will there be a U.S. Distributor (Digi-Key, Mouser, DX Engineering,
   Ham Radio Outlet)?
   *Mouser and Digi-Key for sure. The rest is still question mark.*
   5. Will there be a new case available, perhaps a shielded metal case
   with room for a small 5V fan?
   *At this point no - please give me some time and I will double check*
   6. Will you have one on display somewhere at the Dayton Hamvention in
   *Unfortunately not this year. At the same time this could change if we
   will find some new big opportunity there :) *

In return I asked "How do we pre-order?"  Will post response when received.

499 EUR is about USD 569, but you won't need to buy any impedance

Bob, N6TV

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