[Skimmertalk] CWS for non-ham applications ?

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If you use the plain CW Skimmer with audio input and not the Skimmer Server you should be able to decode all those utility stations.  


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Hi Andy,


Alex VE3NEA is working on a skimmer for Android called Morse Expert that will have in addition to the ham-optimized decoder, a text mode. It’s in test now and should be available soon. Should be ideal for skimming outside ham bands.


73, Ed / w2rf





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Anyone tried to use CW Skimmer to 'skim" CW signals outside of the ham bands ?  Lots of utility stations still using CW .  I'm not sure if a non master.dta file would have to be created, still might not even recognise non-ham calls.  Just an idea.


Andy K3UK 

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