[Skimmertalk] FT8 spots stop when disconnected from the machine (Skimmer Server, CWSL_SSBWave, FT8Start, WSJT-X)

Andy KU7T ku7t at ku7t.org
Mon Mar 23 21:41:45 EDT 2020


I realized today what I somehow already suspected. FT8 spots stop coming to RBN aggregator when I get disconnected from the machine. When I connect again (Google Remote Desktop), they start again.

Here is my setup:
computer in my garage, RP16 bit, 2 CW Skimmer Servers, CWSL_SSBWave, FT8Start, All CW bands, 3 FT8 bands.

Is there something in the WSJT-x programs that detects that a user is gone or the like?
Have others seen this behavior?

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