[Skimmertalk] Flex5000 and CWSkimmer

E.H. Russell ehr at qrv.com
Sun Nov 15 06:02:17 EST 2020

SDR-Bridge (me) and Slice Master (K1DBO) are for Flex 6000 series. RigSync (me) is for Flex 5000 series and works with many other radios.


It seems like your setup is good and RigSync is working properly. Send me a screen shot of CW Skimmer and I’ll try to diagnose.



73 Ed w2rf





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Sounds like you have selected 3 kHz audio mode as the radio model in CW Skimmer.  Probably not what was intended.  With that option, you would have to feed the audio output of the Flex (the headphone jack) to the sound card input.


See https://community.flexradio.com/discussion/8007447/cw-skimmer-without-sdr-bridge-or-slice-master


Looks like you need a 3rd party program for full band skimming (SDR Bridge or SliceMaster).  I don't know anything about them.


Bob, N6TV



On Sat, Nov 14, 2020 at 2:29 PM Eb Wijkstra <eb.wijkstra at outlook.co.nz <mailto:eb.wijkstra at outlook.co.nz> > wrote:



I have a Flex5000 set up with CWSkimmer. Both CWS and RigSync are following the Flex frequency exactly as it should, hence CAT communication is OK. This is also indicated on the bottom of the CWS screen.


I am unable to get any decoding on the screen.


I have uninstalled and reinstalled everything about 4/5 times. Followed the CWS and RigSync guide lines to the letter, used the knowledge base for Flex, but no written decoding.

Looking to the bottom of the CWS screen everything seems to work, but nothing on the right window of CWS. The CW signals seem also very faint, like there is insufficient signal strength for CWS te decode.


The waterfall is going, but no decoding, while on the bottom of the CWS screen the following is shown:

CAT interface OK

Audio input bandwidth OK

Decoder capacity used: 16%

Decoders: 39 of 39

SNR: -2dB


Tln: 1 user


Can somebody help me please.




Best 73s de,



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