[Skimmertalk] Configuration Issue or reporting issue??

William Liporace wc2l at wc2l.com
Mon Sep 28 18:20:45 EDT 2020

H Folks,
I thought my RP Skimmer was not hearing well..  When I look at the 
spots.txt file for SkimSrv I get 1921 entries  from 00:00z till 22:00z. 
Yesterday I had 2181 entries.
When I look at yesterdays RTTY  SkimServ I have 15506 entries (TNX 
Contest).. So the RP Skimmer is hearing signals.. That makes me feel 

When I look at SM7IUM Analytics web page it shows that I only had 176 
spots. When I have check some of the other days on his  web site has 
shown similar responses. I have only started to look at this. I thought 
there was something wrong with the skimmer, but that many entries in the 
text files.. I am guessing not.

Can someone tell me if it is a configuration issue or ??

William Liporace WC2L
http://www.wc2l.com or http://dxc.wc2l.com
AR-Cluster Node  telnet dxc.wc2l.com or 144.93 MHz
wc2l at wc2l.com

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