[Skimmertalk] 3D2AG node problems -- it's not an RP Power Supply issue, but something else

N4ZR n4zr at comcast.net
Wed Jul 14 08:27:41 EDT 2021

I have a couple of used but known good RP-16s here.  I'm willing to send 
him one to try, on the understanding that Antoine will send it back if 
that proves not to be the issue, and that if it is, he'll send me the 
sick RP-16.

73, Pete N4ZR
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On 7/14/2021 5:28 AM, Bob Wilson, N6TV wrote:
> Thanks for all the power supply suggestions, but at this point I'm 
> convinced there is nothing wrong with 3D2AG's power supply (he may 
> have been hearing the fan speed change in the NUC).  With Skimmer 
> terminated, I tried copying a large file from Windows to the RP using 
> the SCP command, while monitoring the Network throughput using the 
> Windows Performance Monitor.  The copy works for a little while, and 
> the transfer speed peaks at about 135 Mbps, then the SCP command seems 
> to hang for a few seconds, and then it aborts and reports "broken 
> pipe", and the Ethernet connection to the RP is reset (one of the RP's 
> LEDs goes out, then comes back after a little while).  I repeated this 
> a few times, and it stopped at different points, so it has nothing to 
> do with disk space or with SkimSrv, just network performance.
> Bottom line:  as soon as a large amount of data is being transferred 
> from PC to RP or vice versa, it only works for a short time, then the 
> connection is dropped.  We've tried different cables, and using the 
> Router as a switch, and using a separate standalone Ethernet switch, 
> and it made no difference.  This same configuration has been working 
> OK for months.
> Antoine noticed that the RP heat sink was not solidly seated (the 
> white plastic tabs that hold it against the chip were apparently not 
> pushed in all the way).  So perhaps this chip has  been overheated too 
> much, and now is only marginally functional.  He reapplied thermal 
> paste and properly seated the heatsink, but it didn't make any 
> difference, and xadc reports the temperature is OK.
> I think his RP is simply unfixable at this point, though there is a 
> slight chance this is really a Windows Update / Networking performance 
> issue and not an RP issue.  He has no other PC to test with.  Every 
> time he reboots Windows, extra "vEthernet" devices (virtual Network 
> switches) appear in his Network settings.  I disabled all of those and 
> "Hyper-V" settings, but it made no difference, the problems remain.
> It looks like 3D2AG's node is kaput until a new RP or new PC can be 
> obtained.
> 73,
> Bob, N6TV
> On Wed, Jul 14, 2021 at 1:32 AM Björn Ekelund <bjorn at ekelund.nu 
> <mailto:bjorn at ekelund.nu>> wrote:
>     I have been using no-name RP 3 power supplies with good results.
>     They are typically rated at 2.5A.
>     Some need the 5V cable run 4-5 times through a suitable (i.e.
>     active below 30MHz) clip-on ferrite to be completely quiet.
>     Björn
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