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Dave dave.g4aon at gmail.com
Sun Sep 25 03:28:37 EDT 2022

Willem, while CW Skimmer will work with the narrow bandwidth of a typical
transceiver, it is really intended to work with the wide bandwidth of an
SDR, feeding the callsigns to your logging program as “DX Cluster” spots.

“Out of the box”, CW Skimmer will work with older SDR receivers, such as
the Microtelecom Perseus and Skimmer Server will work across 7 bands
simultaneously with a QS1R. You can typically pick up the spots across the
whole CW segment of a band (or bands with a QS1R).

The situation becomes slightly more complicated with more modern SDR
receivers, Bob will talk you through the options.

Many of us feed spots to the Reverse Beacon Network. I also combine my own
spots with those from the DX Cluster network, feeding the combined spots to
my logging program. The software to combine them is Wintelnetx.

I hope that has given you a few ideas.

73 Dave G4AON
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