No fan on OMNI VI

John Unger
Thu, 21 Dec 95 10:07:50 EST

> promotional material (not very detailed) I noticed that there is no fan. 
> This concerns me.  Can anyone tell me how this rig stands up to a 48 hour
> contest? Is there a place to mount an outboard fan or something?

Hal - one of the reasons that the ONMI VI doesn't have or need a fan
is that it has an external power supply, so that source of head is not
in the same box as the transceiver.  I'm not sure about the operating
instructions fot the OMNI VI, but my Corsair II owner's manual advises
using an external fina only if using digital modes continuously in
high ambiant temperatures.  The heat sinks for the output transistors
are truly beefy.  Good luck with your new rig; I wish I had the $'s
to trade up.

73 - John, W3GOI