Argosy 525

Glen Stockton K5UP
Tue, 2 Apr 1996 14:13:08 -0600


   I have cornered an argosy 525.  It is non-digital and has a
serial number of 05XX.  I have never had a TenTec anything but have
heard good things about them.  I have also heard there may have been some
problems with early serial numbered argosys.  Can anyone shed any
light here?  What should I be aware of concerning argos?

I am dealing with the original owner and don't think he has done any 
modifications at all to it.  It actually has had little use.  It doesn't have
any filter accessories, etc., and we have been talking about the $300 to $400 
range.  Does this sound like a good deal?  Will TenTec still sell the cw
filters, etc.?  

Any advice or assistance appreciated.

73s, Glen K5UP

Glen E. Stockton                  K5UP                       Bartlesville, OK