Hercules 1 with non-TenTec Transceiver

w1ihn@gnn.com w1ihn@gnn.com
Sat, 13 Apr 1996 08:48:10

I acquired an older version of the Hercules amp, the one with the
50-volt power supply. I have two concerns: (1) I believe the amp
requires +12 to 15 VDC to "enable" the amp (which was designed for
an Omni II, or so I hear) when transmitting. Most non-TenTec xcvrs
just have a ground keying line to key the relays in the amp. Has
anyone successfully used the Herc I with other'n TT xcvrs? If so,
let me know how. (2) the bandswitch actuates a stepper relay that's
*VERY* loud and obnoxious because it seems to step through 360 
degrees every time you do a band change....is this normal?
Bert W1IHN (Raleigh, NC)