Ten Tec 5xx models and prices

Clark Savage Turner WA3JPG turner@safety.ics.uci.edu
Fri, 19 Apr 1996 11:25:21 -0700

> Keep running into you.  Doesn't the Argo 515 have 30 meters, too, or is that
> the Argosy?  Just where does the argosy fit in all of this?

Hi Jim...and the group -

The 515 doesn't have 30 meters (it just wasn't quite in time, as I
recall), and it is my thought that the Argosy was the Argonaut
circuitry with the 405 amp built into a smaller box with better
filter choices and some other improvements like band coverage.
I am not sure about this, the Argosy is one of the two Ten Tec 
radios I have not owned.  Maybe others can confirm this theory
about the genesis of the Argosy line.