Again .... Omni series vint

Chuck Brudtkuhl
Fri, 23 Aug 1996 10:01:38 -0500

Chuck Wrote:

I read with interest the confusion around the various Omni alpha suffix
designations.  I thought I had it all figured out prior to reading the
discussion and was "relieved" when someone finally agreed with me.  BUT...
maybe I missed something here, or it is just the day of the week...but I am
confused agn.

Omni A  (Model 545) (analog version of Omni-D)
Omni D  (Model 546) (digital version of Omni-A)
Omni B       next vintage of the A or D?
Omni C       final vintage of this series

But what about the following:

Omni A, Series B  (Model 545 Series B)
Omni D, Series B  (Model 546 Series B)
 Are these really digital and analog versions of an Omni-B, or was the Omni-B
a seperate radio ????

Omni D, Series C  (Model 546 Series C)
 Is this really an Omni-C, or was the Omni-C a seperate radio?  (I have an
"Omni-C" and will have to check the manual again tonight to see what it says
it is called)

Hi Chuck:  You are in a lot of very good company in your confusion of the
Omni Series radios designations.  Let me add my voice to the misunderstanding.

The Omni was originally introduced in both analog and digital models.
Identified on the face as Omni A (analog) or Omni D (digital).  This first
series came to be known as the Series A (tho I do not know anywhere that was
ever printed)

Next came the Series B, again in either Analog or Digital, with identifying
name of Omni A or Omni B only.  In addition, the series A could be sent back
to the factory for updating to the series B, the difference being
elimination of the squelch control on that was on series A, replacing it
with a Notch filter, plus different options in filters.

Final version was the series C.  This one came in digital only and was
identified as Omni D only.

I keep seeing Omni rigs advertised for sale, as Omni D, or Omni A.  This
sure leaves one in the dark as to what rig is actually for sale.

This should add a bit to the confusion, huh?  "73"