580 Delta bias adj to Finals?

Ten-Tec, Inc. 74130.212@compuserve.com
27 Aug 96 16:43:36 EDT

Here is the proper procedure for final bias adjustment for the
Delta 580 (not outlined in the operating manual)

On the bias board, turn R23 down to zero.  Locate final amplifier board.
Unsolder the large red B+ wire from the board.  Unplug connector #57
turn it 90 degrees,
replug in so only the blue wire from the connector is
connected, leaving an open pin.  Place an ammeter between the
red B+ wire and this open pin.  Adjust R17 on final amplifier board
for 50 to 60 milliamps.  Replug connector 57 correctly.  Place
ammeter between the red B+ wire and the spot it was unsoldered from.
Adjust R23 on bias board for 500 milliamps.  Reattach red B+ wire.

If any of this is unclear, please contact Garland Jenkins in Ten-Tec
service at (423) 428-0364 M-F 8-4 Eastern.

73, Scott Robbins KY2P, Ten-Tec

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