Problem with Hercules II/Omni VI in CW

Steve Zettel
Wed, 28 Aug 1996 00:22:05 -0600

Dear Ten Tec Techs and Ten Tec Reflector Techs (sorry, couldn't resist, the
alliteration was too good!),

I recently sold a Model 420 Hercules II amplifier and a Model 253 Autotuner
to Mr. Brian Hunsaker W5CHH, who is using them with his Omni VI
transceiver. All seems well except for the following problem he reported:

Rig is doing great, except for one problem - amp goes into "overdrive" in cw
mode, unless I reduce drive on omni to almost nothing, resulting in only
about 150 watts output with amp. Any suggestions ??
Brian W5CHH

Although I did not operate CW a great deal, I did not note this problem
driving the Hercules II with MY Omni VI. I suspect that there is some
difference between our Omni's, but if the amp is at fault I will gladly pay
to have it serviced (or refund his money and shipping, whichever he
desires). I am hoping that you can shed some light on the problem for Brian
and me. He is a really fine gentleman, and I feel terrible that something I
sold, and represented as 100% functional, is not performing satisfactorily
for him.

Thanks for your time; hope to hear from you all real soon!

Steve Zettel  KJ7CH