Paragon II

Ten-Tec, Inc.
29 Aug 96 16:15:17 EDT

The Paragon and Paragon II series of transceiver had been in production
for almost nine years.  Unfortunately, we were faced with a hard
choice:  Do we re-order parts in production quantity and keep it for
another three or four years, or should we let it go?   This is the 
same thing that happens with other discontinued items, like our
2 KW autotuner, etc.  Of course, we will continue to support and
repair the Paragon I and Paragon II, just as we have with all of our
rigs going back into the 60's.

Thanks for supporting us,
Scott Robbins KY2P, Ten-Tec 

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Why oh why is my beloved Paragon II being discontinued?

Duffy - WB8NUT