New QRP transceiver

Paul, Wv3j
Wed, 4 Dec 1996 06:43:08 -0700

>Yes, the 1 kHz 4 pole crystal filter is a little wider than the 250 Hz or
>500 Hz filtering we are all accustomed to for CW.  Adding a 250 or 500 Hz
>filter would have added additional cost, and it was important to us to offer
>good value as well as performance in the new QRP kits.

Just two cent's worth.  

How about a substitutable narrower IF filter as an option?  How about a
switch to select out the audio-derived AGC?  I see these kits as  good
starting points for all sorts of modifications.  They're not even out yet
and already we want to change them.  Let's remember to document all our
changes.  One shouldn't mind getting a rig with mods if clear notes
explaining the work is kept with the manual, and it is correctly represented
at time of any eventual sale.

Paul - Wv3j 

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