Chuck Brudtkuhl
4 Dec 1996 13:54:47 -0600

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Ok, finally time to get my two cents worth in here.  My first TenTec say back
was a much (ab)used PM-2.  Not a good impression.  But, times have changed. 
In my shack used nearly daily .... Omni-V, Corsair II, Delta 580 .... in the
vehicle a Scout (that has also done alot of portable work including in DL and
OE this summer) .... "IF" I decide to buy a new one of those "20-mile radios"
(2m), it will be the new Ten Tec kit.  There is also a Century 21 that seldom
gets used, but only because one can only talk on so many radios at once.  

So I think there's no doubt I'm impressed.  Problems?  Hmmmm... backup battery
in the Omni finally went dead.  Can't think of any others.

PS...oh, Reid, Cubic is American made also ... and the 103 has been my
"standard of comparison" since I bought it.  Trouble is they no longer
"officially" support their product. 

73 de Chuck

Date: 12/04/96 01:35 PM
To: Chuck Brudtkuhl
From: Reid W Simmons

Text item: 

   About five years ago I realized that my station was filling up with too
   of that "overpriced, under-engineered, lightly supported, junk" from you
   where, and that Ham radio was no longer as much fun as it used to be.  So,
   began selling, giving away, and particularly throwing away this stuff and I

   bought my first new Ten Tec - one of the early OMNI VIs.  I have never 
   regretted that decision.  I did, however, have some sympathetic thoughts 
   about those "suckers" who wound up with the stuff that I didn't throw
   Now, Ham Radio has not been this much fun since my early ham days in the 
   sixties.  I often take apart my OMNI VI JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT!!!  I plan
   acquiring as many of the Ten Tec accessories and kits as I can possibly 
   assimilate into my station which is now 100% American made.
   Reid Simmons, K7YX
   (A loyal TEN TECer, and I plan on staying that way!!!)

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