HF Amp

Mark Libner-GUSR32 Mark_Libner-GUSR32@email.mot.com
Thu, 5 Dec 1996 7:30:00 -0600

     It is another sad commentary on our Hobby when a fellow ham brings a 
     law suit against a company that offers a high power kit. But I know it 
     happens. Anyone with a ham license should have the knowledge to build 
     and safely troubleshoot/service any radio and amp they have. At a 
     minimum, all hams should know their limitation and keep out where they 
     don't belong! We have become law suit crazy these days for sure.
     There I go again, I sure love my soap box. By the way, the group of 
     hams on this net renew my faith each morning, that there are a solid 
     group of technically knowledgeable hams still in this hobby. THANKS TO 
     ALL OF YOU for keeping this hobby what is was meant to be.
     Now for that Amp issue. I support the comments about a solid state 
     amp. I really do not think I would need a full gallon, but 500 to 600 
     watts of key down RTTY in a no tune solid state amp kit would have my 
     money on the line. I might even buy two and cut the coax between my 
     Scout and the mobile HF antenna. Swapping tuning modules, like in the 
     Scout, would not bother me either if it would keep the cost down.
     Just a safe way to beat the legal issues - Oh no, then they would have 
     to start suing because someone did not instruct them on which end to 
     hold the soldering iron!
     Mark NS9N   

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