Scout/Argo drift

AE0Q / V31RY
Sat, 7 Dec 1996 14:19:23 -0800

  A few weeks ago, Wayne Montague VE3EFJ posted an excellent analysis of the
drift problem in his Scout PTO.  I had just decided to buy an Argo 556, and
was wondering if I would have to become intimate with it's PTO..

  Wellll, I've run a few tests, and this particular PTO is rock-stable..
I've left it turned on for over an hour from cold a number of times, and the
FLS (Frequency Lock System) doesn't jump.  I've cycled the power after
warmup, and also enabled the RIT to unlock the FLS after warmup, neither of
which shows any drift..  Hour-long QSO's on CW have not caused any drift,
but there isn't much heat generated by the 5w output..

  Are there any other owners that have very stable units?  After hearing
about the ones that DO drift and jump when the FLS is unlocked (when sending
cw), how many are there that DON'T do it?

73  --  Glenn
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