Model 301 Parts

Dale Martin
Sat, 7 Dec 1996 18:52:55 -0600

Someone commented after my Model 301 summary that they had also =
contacted Ten-Tec about the remote frequency control unit.  T-T, when I =
called them to ask to send me whatever Model 301 parts were still in =
stock. =20

If they were true to their word (and T-T is a pretty straight shooting =
group), then be advised T-T is low on the Model 301 parts from the looks =
of what I received today. =20

Here's what I was in the box/ziploc bag: =20

the two case halves
one OakRigsby control=20
one multi-conductor, coiled 2' cable
two sheet metal screws
one machine screw (4-40?)
one 5 terminal terminal strip
four rubber feet
one grommet/cable clamp=20
one 5/16" (?) lock washer
one 5/16" (?) hex nut
one 5/16" (?) finished hex nut
one set screw
one 3/16" thick 2" square steel plate (weight)


So, if you had read my inquiry and summary on the control unit a week or =
two ago, and decided that you, too, would call Ten-Tec to get the parts =
together to assemble your own unit, you may be severely disappointed.  =
Be forewarned. =20


I need a copy of the Model 301 manual.  It didn't come with the parts, =
so I assume the manuals are out of stock. I am also assuming the manual =
contains a schematic.=20

I need to figure out:=20
	what the pins on the controller represent
	what the cable/controller wiring setup is
	what the cable/radio connector is=20
	what the cable/radio connector wiring setup is

Please, don't run down to the local Kwik-Copy, copy it and send it to =
me--I don't want a dozen copies arriving in the mail. hi!  Contact me =
via e-mail first, please, to let me know you have a manual, and I'll =
give the you the "go ahead" or "thanks, but I have one coming" response. =
I will reimburse you for your efforts (after or before delivery).=20

Thanks and 73,

Dale Martin, KG5U

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