FW: Help for 84 y/o HAM

Dale Martin kg5u@hal-pc.org
Wed, 11 Dec 1996 10:52:09 -0600

Ten-Tec Reflector Users,

This sounds like a potential T-T station and operator....  Can anyone in
Reading, PA area help? 

Dale Martin, KG5U

From: 	 ROBERT   REED[SMTP:HWDX09A@prodigy.com]
Sent: 	Tuesday, December 10, 1996 18:00 PM
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Subject: 	Help for 84 y/o HAM

I just recently came across a request where a ham's son is looking 
for help getting his father back on the air again. 

David Kennedy would like to set up a 40 and 80 meter CW station at 
his home for his 84 year old father who cannot operate anything from 
his condo type apartment. His father's callsign is WA3FSC. He would 
appreciate help from someone to tell him what to buy and hopefully 
install and make sure the gear is working properly.

Hardest would be to look at the house and property and decide on the 
antenna possiblities. Remember the son knows nothing other than his 
father wants to operate 40 and 80 so I have no idea if there's room 
to hang a trap dipole or maybe a vertical.

Hopefully one of the area clubs might be able to lend some assistance.

Please contact David Kennedy at (610) 670-9679 or e-mail to 

The QTH is Reading, PA


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         1991 Route 37 West - Lot 109
         Toms River, New Jersey 08757

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