Paragon vs. Omni

Ten-Tec Inc.
Wed, 11 Dec 1996 14:57:04 Eastern Standard Time

The main difference between the (now discontinued) Paragon II and the Omni-VI
is the way the receiver is set up.  The Paragon II, like all Japanese rigs,
uses a microprocessor synthesizer for frequency generation.  The Omni-VI
(and Omni-V)
use a short range PLL (500 kHz) mixed with crystal local oscillators for
each   ham band.  While the sensitivity and selectivity specs are similar
between the two, the Omni-VI has better overall rx performance than the
Paragon II.  The
phase noise performance of the Omni-VI vs. Paragon II is -20db better as well.
(Might as well add here that the phase noise performance is significantly
better than the Japanese rigs, and our specs for rx sensitivity have yet to
be matched, even by the IF-DSP transceivers).  The Omni-VI also has the
option for crystal filtering in both the 1st and 2nd IF, while the Paragon
series is 2nd IF only.  

Trade off: No general coverage receiver in the Omni-VI.  

The predecessor to the Omni-V and Omni-VI were the Corsair and Corsair II,
which used a similar rx scheme, utilizing a PTO rather than the PLL.  

I'd be glad to send you out more information on the Omni-VI if you pass along
your address to us at <> ! 

73, Scott Robbins W4PA at Ten-Tec 

At 07:27 AM 12/11/96 -0600, you wrote:
>     For someone who is contemplating a new HF rig in the future, which is 
>     the better radio - the Omni VI or the Paragon II. From what I read, 
>     both these radios use synthesizers. I though all Ten-Tec's used PTO's 
>     for the main tuning?
>     Just gathering data and kicking tires at this point. Have to start 
>     somewhere.
>     Thanks for any feedback or comments. Please reply to my E-Mail 
>     address:
>     Mark (NS9N) 
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