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Warren Walsh
Wed, 25 Dec 1996 12:53:40 -0500 (EST)

>Hi everyone, 
>I have been trying to hook up my Omni VI to use both the computer interface
>(25 pin connector) and the remote tuning unit (model 301) both at the same
>time.  The manual says to use a "Y" adapter.  Well I don't know about
>Tennasee but there is no such animal around here.  Not giving up I built
>one out of do it yourself DB 25 connectors and lots of patients.  Well of
>course it didn't work.  I tested my adapter very carefully and am sure it's
>right.  With further resurch I find that both functions share pin 6.  The
>computer works fine with or without the "Y" installed but the 301 only works
>if the computer serial cable is disconnected.
>Does anyone have any suggestions?
>73 and Merry Christmas
>Gord, VE7ON

Hi Gord,
First Very Happy Holidays to you! There is nothing wrong with your "Y"
cable, the problem is with a standard 25 pin serial cable.  The problem with
this cable is that the computer serial port uses pins 6 and 8 for
handshaking, this could cause the OMNI to do strange things because they use
pins 6 an 8 for the remote tuning knob.  My suggestion is to build your own
serial cable using 3 conductor shielded cable.  Connect pins 2, 3, and 7 at
both ends. 

Warren - K2BM (ex N2BCC)

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