Omni-5 vs Omni-6

Tue, 2 Jan 1996 13:59:50 -0500

     5 vs six:
     The RX is virtually identical.  
     Better switching diode decoupling in the front end, Band xtal 
     oscillators now locked to main std, RIT added.  
     The Tx is the same.   
     The control interface works and is RS-232 compatible without purchase 
     of a slimy "interface box".
     Bottom line: Omni-5s are showing up used for cheap.  If you don't need 
     computer control or RIT they are a steal.  
     I just bought an old Omni-C for $70 (not working) which was loaded 
     with filters. They all (6.3 and 9 MHz) work in the new Omni series....
     Dick,  K4XU