Omni VI
Thu, 4 Jan 1996 00:22:29 -0500

I'm a brand new subscriber with an Omni VI.  Thanks to Bill for getting this
reflector going.  I hope my problem hasn't been discussed at length prior to
me signing on.  I have being useing NA9 for cw contests and CT9 for SSB (got
used to NA early , but it doesn't get along with my DVP board for SSB).  Also
have DXBase 4.0 for logging.  I use the IC735 protocol for all.  All systems
are working fine controling rig, sending, etc., except with DXB.  Here using
the "38" setting instead of the default "4", the computer reads the frequency
fine (shows on all log entries, makes packet spots automatically populating
the frequency, etc.), but it WILL NOT move the rig to a packet spot I want to
grab.  The call shows in the log, but the Omni  VI readout makes a little
blink and stays put!  Dean at DXB says I have too many connections on the
RS232 port (remote tuning knob, auto ant coupler, rig control) , but this
seems a bit lame as the computer moves the rig easily with both NA & CT.  I
can't believe that a lot of you don't have the same lash up!  Any

Additionally, I was surprised to realize during the recent SS contests, that
it is possible to adjust (and zero) the RIT while transmitting in SSB, but
not in CW.  I have the latest chip, and have always been annoyed that in CW
(my most common mode) it is impossible to reset the RIT until the computer
finishes sending the message.  Maybe this will change with the new firmware!?

73 John K0IJL