New chip update??

Steve Milewski milewski@OREGON.UOREGON.EDU
Wed, 10 Jan 1996 11:33:26 -0800

Have any of you folks who have been testing out the new chip upgrade
noticed where Ten Tec has placed the tuning ratio settings in the menu

Currently, if you want to change the tuning ratio, it is the very last menu
item. This means you have to scroll through the entire selection list
before you get there.

At least for my operating habits... this is my most used menu option. I
like the .085 ratio for CW and a faster ratio for SSB. It would be nice to
have this be the first item to open when accessing the menu (especially
when we have the availability to change the RIT ratio as well).

Another menu item which might be nice to have is a variable "jump" for the
up and down arrow buttons. Currently, you jump 100 khz if you press either
the up or down button. Would anyone else find it helpful to change those so
that we can scan particular band _segments_ , ie. tune 7.000 to 7.025 and
then press the down button to jump back to 7.000.

I have my FEP set up so that I can punch the frequency and then "enter",
but since we're talking "the ideal rig" ....   :-)

Steve Milewski
Ham: AA7FL
 *** Stumps don't lie! ***