Fan Summary

Wallace Offutt
Tue, 16 Jan 1996 21:08:05 -0500 (EST)

This is a belated summary of the responses I received to my December 21 
question about the lack of a fan on the OMNI VI.  

I received 12 responses, 11 of which reported that the absence of a fan is
not a problem and that the rig functions perfectly under contest 
operating conditions.  Most of these 11 respondents had high praise for 
their OMNI VIs.  The only report of a problem came from KO7Y, who wrote: 

"It should hold up fine with no fan.  I used mine on 40M at W3LPL for 
CQWW.  The only thing to watch are the BFO freqs!  Mine tended to wander 
around with heat.  LPL's place was much warmer than my station (I wonder 
why - all those 3-1000's going?) and I found I was transmitting almost 
500 Hz away from where I was sposed to be.  Apparently, the trimmer caps 
used to set the BFO freqs collect some solder flux and other junk during 
the mfg process, and this causes them to change value & otherwise get 
flaky.  Hosing them down with TF solvent should fix them.  I got 
replacement trimmers from TT for free, but haven't put them in yet.  Most 
of my household is in cardboard boxes cuz we're moving in a few days, 
otherwise I'd be able to tell you if this fixed the problem."

I wonder if anyone else has had this problem.  It sounds very unusual. 

Many thanks to N2BCC, WD0GVY, KM9P, W8CAR, K4XU, W3GOI, WA1GUV, KL7HF, 
N6AZE, PA0RCT, NP4Z and KO7V for their assistance.

I may have a couple of other questions as I get ready to place my order
over the next few days.   I hope to use my new rig in the CQ WW 160 CW 

Again, thanks to all.  


Hal Offutt K8HVT/1 Darien, CT