Omni-6 & NA

Rein Couperus
Wed, 31 Jan 1996 23:04:46 +0000

At 20:19 28-01-96 -0500, KM9P wrote:

>I experienced two problems with the Omni-6 with NA:
>1.  I go to send CW through NA or via the internal keyer on the Omni-6 and
>nothing happens (no CW, no TX).  I turn the radio off and back on again and
>everything is FB.  Anyone else seen this before?
>2.  The Omni-6 suddenly displays 91873.32Mhz instead of 1873.32.  Cant see
>any rhyme or reason to this one. 
>Bill, KM9P


I am having EXACTLY the same problems with TR-LOG.. it is definitely
a defect in the OMNI firmware. Interestingly, on 4800 bd the keyer lockup
does not happen, only on 1200 and 2400 bd. BTW, the lockup not only happens
to the internal keyer, also the external keying line is DEAD AS A DODO.

The only remedy is switching the rig on and off.

Another interesting feature of the OMNI VI: when I try the computer interface
with 1200 or 2400 Bd, the tuning rate goes down to 85 Hz per rev. This can only
be changed by a MASTER RESET. Also this effect is not present at 4800 Bd..

Hope this helps,

-Rein, PA0RCT (link to KM9P included...)