OMNI VI and 486 Computer

Rod Greene
Tue, 18 Jun 96 06:37 MDT

Victor, Seems like this happened to me once on a connection from CT to a
Kenwood.  Problem on that one turned out to be a home brew serial cable that
didn't have all the pins connected.  Solved it by using a store bought
cable.  73, Rod

At 11:16 PM 6/17/96 -0400, Victor A. Dubois wrote:
>A computer dummy needs help. I finally was able to make my computer talk to
>my OMNI VI, but the OMNI doesn't talk back.
>When I cahnge bands an the computer the Omni changes bands. However when I
>change bands on the Omni, the computer doesn't change bands. I'm given to
>understand that it should work both ways. 
>What have I done wrong, or what have I failed to do correctly? My setup is a
>486DX4-100 and the OMNI VI using CT. I am using the W1GEE interface cable
>that connects the computer to the OMNI via the  1/8" SERIAL PORT connector
>on the rear of the OMNI.  I have two COM ports, the first is occupied by a
>mouse and the second is used for the radio. Prior to running CT I run the
>COMTSR2 program to get that TSR installed. Then I go through the CT setup
>and have used any baud rate from 1200 to 9600 with the same results, even
>though the radio responds much faster at the 9600 baud rate. I get a message
>at the bottom of the logging screen that "the radio is not echoing". This
>could be the problem. How do I fix it?
>How can I get the radio to change bands on the computer?
>Any help would certainly be appreciated.
>Vic   N4TO
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