Omni-6... another complaint

wallace offutt
Sat, 2 Mar 1996 22:25:30 -0500 (EST)

On Mon, 26 Feb 1996, Bill Fisher, KM9P wrote:

> One thing that the Japs figured out about 10 years ago, was that 20DB of
> attenuation (only) was not enough.  Most of the time I run my Icoms at 10DB
> of attenuation.  I'm sure there are others here that agree.  Is anyone at
> TenTec listening to this forum btw?
> Bill, KM9P

When I was discussing buying my new OMNI VI with Scott, KF2P (?) in
January I asked him if anyone at Ten-Tec was reading these reflectors. 
Much to my surprise he said that no one was.  I told him how much valuable
information was available on their customers and their competitors 
and said that it should be essential reading for them.  Don't know if 
they took my advice.

BTW, my new OMNI arrived in time to use it for a partial effort in the CQ
WW 160 CW contest.  It works just fine and I am very happy with the
receiver's selectivity on an extremely crowded band, even without the 250
Hz. filter (out of stock).  Quite a change from my TS-940 and TS-930.  I
love it!  Hated to go off on a four week overseas business trip on 
January 31 and leave my new toy home alone.