OMNI VI oscillation with 500hz filter switched in
Sat, 23 Mar 1996 18:52:34 -0800

In response to the problem of receiver oscillation and howling when the unit
has the 500hz IF filter switched in. 

I have 2 OMNI VI tranceivers.  One of them has this problem and the other
does not.

I put both of these units on the bench and found that both units have
excellent sensitivity.  The one with the problem has the best sensitivity.
I found that by reducing the RF gain control to about the 3 o'clock
position, the oscillation goes away and the sensitivity is the same as the
one without the problem.  The one without the problem has its RF gain
control set fully clockwise.  

With both the OMNI VIs RF gain controls set up as stated in the paragraph
above, they still have better sensitivity than my FT990, which in its self
is not a bad radio!    

regards, dave.n7da