I am new...

Clark Savage Turner WA3JPG turner@safety.ics.uci.edu
Tue, 26 Mar 1996 22:30:52 -0800

Just joined the list.  Not sure what goes on here, but wanted to
mention that I own an Argonaut 515 and an OMNI VI, and have 
owned most all the other Ten Tec rigs except for a few recent

1.  I am interested in discussing alignment of the Argonaut 515, 
sensitivity seems low on 75 meters. 

2.  I am also interested in discussing alignment of the PBT control
for the OMNI VI, or maybe setting of the carrier points in
the first IF?  I would like to get the "sound" to be different
when the PBT control is centered, in both USB and LSB.

3.  Further, I would love to discuss adding some gain to the IF
where both 500 Hz or both 250 Hz CW filters are being used.  There is
some real loss going on there, even with the extra amplification 
in the first IF set properly.

4.  Well, I also want to discuss the "loud" (relatively) relay
clicking when I use full QSK CW.  I think I might pot the thing
but want to discuss alternatives.  I like very quiet QSK.