Various Ten Tec questions

Steve Zettel
Wed, 27 Mar 1996 14:07:56 -0600

I, too, am new to the TenTec list. I've got several questions, in no
particular order of importance:

1. Has someone kept a digest of previous topics discussed on this
reflector, and if so, may I get a copy? Ditto, a list of FAQ's? I'm
primarily interested in topics related to the newer Ten Tec transceivers
and the Ten Tec amplifiers.

2. Any truth to the rumor that Ten Tec is going to release a new or upgrade
to the OMNI VI to stay abreast of the "YaeComWood FTICTS-1000/775/870"? The
time frame I heard was Dayton 96.

3. I've studied Ten Tec's literature on the Paragon II and Omni VI. Other
than the obvious all band vs. ham band coverage, are there significant
performance or electronic differences between the two? The published
performance specs don't show any difference in receive or transmit

4. I suspect I know the answer to this one (it's unlikely that owners
interested enough to subscribe to the Ten Tec mailing list would be in a
hurry to sell their Ten Tec rigs, but I've got to ask): Does anyone have a
clean Omni VI or Paragon II, and a Hercules, Centurion or Titan for sale.
I'm looking to put together an all-USA, all Ten Tec station and am willing
to pay a fair, cash price. OK, what online Web sites or Usenet groups are
recommended to haunt for leads on Ten Tec equipment for sale?

Thanks for your time and the bandwidth!

Steve Zettel  KJ7CH            
Libby, MT  USA        
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