Omni VI filter ringing and "sleep" in CW TX?

Clark Savage Turner WA3JPG
Thu, 28 Mar 1996 14:12:00 -0800

> > 2.  "sleep" during CW TX.

> 1. Try and do anything (like clear the RIT) while TXing on CW. 

I just went and tried this.  I was TX'ing CW into my dummy load
with the RIT on a few KHz.  I held the RIT key down to clear it.
After about a second it turned the RIT off, remaining on the 
TX frequency with no problem.  The RIT was reset, but not on.

> 2. Watch a computer program that likes to poll the radio all of the time 
> error out when it doesn't get a response from the radio because you are 
> TXing.

No ability to test this.

> Another problem I have had:  The radio will all of sudden QSY in to 
> never-never land.  I assume it got zapped by RF and the microprocessor 
> freaked.  The display will say some weird non-HF frequency.  Only way to 

Hmmm, never saw this one either.  I don't often use an amp, and have
little or no RF in the shack, luckily.

> I also have a problem with drive power.  Mine will put out about 95w on 
> most bands.  I don't see an easy way to increase this power.  At 95w, my 
> pair of 3-500Z's get to about 1KW.  At 125W they will go to 1500W.

That is no fun at all.  I know that on my old OMNI D and Tritons
I used to adjust the bias on the final amp and that the output seemed
sensitive to small adjustments within the normal range.  Have you
asked Ten Tec about this one?  My OMNI puts out just over 100 watts,
but not by much.

Thanks for the explanation.