Omni VI filter ringing and "sleep" in CW TX?

Del Seay
Thu, 28 Mar 1996 13:35:34 -0800

Clark Savage Turner WA3JPG wrote:
> Just curious, what are the problems I have seen mentioned here:
> 1.  filter ringing ;
> 2.  "sleep" during CW TX.
> I have a newer OMNI VI, and maybe the design is a bit different?
> I experience almost no ringing (nothing the least bit troublesome -
> from a guy who hates the little relay noise :-).  I have used
> 250 Hz filters in both IF's but recently went to a 500 Hz in the
> NAR position as it is a bit more pleasant to tune with the PBT.
> Neither combination is a problem.   I have never
> noticed anything unusual when I have a long transmission in CW
> either.
> Just curious.
> Clark

Hi Clark. The ringing in mine appeared to be due to just a tad
too much rf gain (or if gain,not sure which). They would almost
go into oscillation after extended transmit periods.
The "Sleeping" was apparently a software glitch. The thing
would just go dead after a while, and the only way to wake it
up was the on/off switch. The new firmware has eliminated that
problem. de KL7HF