Jeff Steinman
Thu, 28 Mar 1996 22:16:28 +0000

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  OFFICE MEMO         FREQ JUMPING                          Date:  =

>Another problem I have had:  The radio will all of sudden QSY in to 
>never-never land.  I assume it got zapped by RF and the microprocessor 
>freaked.  The display will say some weird non-HF frequency.  Only way to =

>clear it is by turning the radio off and on again.  Do this a few times 
>in a contest and your patience for the radio grows thin... Even if the =
>is superior.

My radio (probably 2 years old) has done this as well, but always (?) =
during RX and when tuning the VFO. I have been able to get the radio to =
"take" a freq from the computer and reset. 
On 40M I have noticed that the radio will jump 100 Khz sometimes, which =
can easily be remedied by hitting the up or down arrow on the radio (or =
sending it a new freq from the computer).
As Bill says, it's annoying!
Jeff  KR0Y