Omni Letter-Versions v. Roman Numbered?

Clark Savage Turner WA3JPG
Thu, 16 May 1996 10:42:52 -0700

> Saw in a recent Amateur Trader News for sale Omni A
> and Omni B lettered units.  Now the latest stuff
> is roman number V and VI.  Can someone post a rundown

Hi Kevin and the group -

I have a bit of knowledge here.  I have owned the OMNI C and
now the OMNI VI.  The lettered OMNI's are all from the mid to late
70's and are early transistorized rigs.  There was an analog 
OMNI and the OMNI-D (with digital freq readout via a freq 
counter).  These early OMNI's came in various versions.
Was the "A" the analog version?  I know that the OMNI-D
series B and C were a bit different in that the C had
WARC built into it and a little different filter selection.
These were good basic radios, but nowhere near the OMNI V
or VI.  These early OMNI's were followed by the Corsair 
series which ended with the Corsair II, then the OMNI V
became the Ten Tec flagship and the OMNI VI is the present 

Hope this starts the information flow!