Uwe Strohbeck
Mon, 2 Sep 1996 11:15:21 +0200 (MET DST)

Hello TT-User,

yes, the production of the paragon will be stopped, but where is the
problem ?
Those who want to buy an paragon can do it now for very good close-out
prices !
Those who want to upgrade their paragon can do it now also with good
close-out prices !
And those hams who own an totally upgraded paragon can trust in TT that
the TT-support will continue on !
so where ist the problem ?
I think it is more important for TT to concentrate their focus on new
products to save their position on the market beneath the japanese guys.
When TT goes down, noone of the TT-users have an advantage of it, because
then we will get really no support any more.
So let us look together with TT in a new future and hope that the new
products have a big succes on the market !

In Germany the TT's are seen a little bit like a untoutched diamant, yes
the TT-products didn't have such an perfect leayout, such a super computer
interface, thousands of memory ond so on, but those functions we use every
day, a good receiver - filter - transmitter, those functions beating every
japanese plastic box !!!

So let us look to the future and being happy on what we own - a very good
rig, a little bit like a untoutched diamant , hi

73 de Uwe

p.s. sorry for the mistakes !
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